South African Police Service
Missing Kids In South Africa

IDKID will provide you with the following information about your child that you can keep on hand in case of an emergency:

  • A certificate with all of your child`s personal information including a color photograph and a full set of fingerprints.
  • Two identity cards with funky themes for your child with a photograph and emergency contact information.
  • Compact disc with all the above information.
  • DNA sample kit that lasts up to six months.

IDKID is the first company to utilize a biometric fingerprint scanner to convert digital input to an image. This means that there is no dirtying of hands with ink to take fingerprints.

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In the event of an emergency all your child`s information will be immediately available for release to the SAPS or the media.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children recommend that these details are updated every six months.

R100-00 per child.

Download the documention here:

English: Afrikaans:
Information Letter to parents Inligtingsbrief aan ouers
Child's details Kind se informasie
Consent Form Toestemmingsvorm
AMPATH Consent Form AMPATH Toestemmingvorm

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We are in partnership with Ampath Pathologists (Drs. Du Buisson, Bruinette, Kramer Inc.) and IDKID is a registered National Project with Ampath Pathologists. Ampath Pathologists will establish the blood group of children where parents are unsure or do not know what it is. They will send trained medical professionals to the schools to draw blood from the children. The blood group will be made available to IDKID within 24 hours and the child`s information will be updated on the ID card and the certificate. This is an optional service that we offer our parents as we have had numerous requests regarding the establishment of blood groups.

The cost of this will amount to R80.00 per child.