This is what some of our readers had to say:

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to say WOW! And a big thank you for the wonderful editorial and super front page! It really turned out beautifully, and we have had quite a few compliments so far. With grateful thanks to you and your staff, your efforts are much appreciated. As it is difficult for an organization such as ourselves to budget for advertising and marketing, we truly rely on kind and generous people such as yourselves. Here’s wishing you many more awesome issues…

Warmest regards,
Matty and Eddy (Lory Park Zoo)

Hi Matty and Eddie,

It is the least we as fellow Midranders can do to thank you for the time and effort you have put in to present us with such a diverse array of animals right here in our backyard. Specially knowing that these animals were saved from their environment due to injury or there inability to fend for themselves in the wild.

Warmest regards,
Dennis van Lingen

Hi Shane,

I would like to commend you and your team for an awsome magazine. I do believe that many share the same views concerning Talk Magazine. We enjoy your publication and look forward to the next issue in anticipation.

The car show that you guys put together was by far something we have never experianced before in a car show. Please keep us posted in regards to future events.
By the way your Corsa rocks!!!, saw it on the high way, tried to keep up but... and I drive an Opel 200is. We recognised it from the show. So what are you packing under the hood, and who did the mods on your bonnet, looks nuts (in a nice way).

Anyways keep doing what you guys are doing, outstanding job. Say hi to the rest of the TAlk Magazine team and again well done.

J .Nelsons
Managing Director

Dear Mr Nelsons,

Thank you for your support and words of encouragement, our team most appreciate it. We are pleased that you enjoy the magazine and by the sounds of it, in particular the JHB Drift Car Show. As for my Corsa, a gentleman never kiss and tell, but I will let you in on a little secret, its a 1300cc normally aspirated but...

Shane Paruth

When you do good-
nobody notices,
when you do bad-nobody forgets!

So often this is true about the service given by companies to their customers. All of us have that shocking service story- the one that starts off, “I was in this restaurant once…” or “The lady behind the counter was so rude…” However, just the other day I was told about a company that not once, but twice extended their services, way beyond the call of duty.

In an effort to make a positive contribution to the service levels in Midrand, I have decided to acknowledge such people and their companies by having a regular “Noddy Award” where we can praise such outstanding services.

TALKmag are inviting readers to write to us about their amazing service experience. By publishing the names of companies and people who offer outstanding service in Midrand we hope to be a voice for the people who put in that extra effort. So help us to improve the levels of service where you live, work and play- share your “great service” story in our upcoming issue.

Talk Magazine

I would like to thank Alex and his team who came to my rescue in an extraordinary way and vote for them as “my Midrand Heroes”.

Late on Friday afternoon, the 27h October, my sister called to advise me she was stuck at Crowthorne shopping centre with a flat tyre and no usable spare, no cash or cell phone and so left me to solve the problem. I immediately called Speedy Tyre and Exhaust in Kyalami Downs and spoke to Alex. He sent a driver out to collect the flat wheels, replace the punctured tyres and fit the new ones, through peak rush hour traffic. Given that my sister didn’t have any cash or cards on her, I asked Alex how I should make payment, given that we were leaving for a weekend away. Amazingly, he said that we could simply pay him on Monday. In this day and age, it is astounding to find people willing to give such outstanding service and to be so trusting.

Many thanks to Alex and Speedy Tyre and Exhaust, Kyalami Downs!

Karin Wallace