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We have found the following links at to get our feature rolling.

Greeting Cards
Make your own for all occasions Free greeting cards, electronic greeting cards
Jewelry Making & Beading
Jewelry making, beading patterns, and beading supplies 
Kids Crafts
Kids crafts, printable crafts for kids, patterns and craft ideas
Nature Crafts
Science and nature projects, wildcrafting, nature study
Free cross-stitch patterns, embroidery, and more
Baby Crafts
Baby crochet, baby knitting, baby sewing and more baby crafts projects!
Gift baskets, Easter baskets, basket weaving Basketry as a craft
Plastic Canvas
Free plastic canvas patterns and projects. Plastic Canvas pattern books and stitch guides, too. Holiday Stitching!
Candle Making & Soap Making
Candle making supplies, candle holders. Soap recipes for handmade soap
Quilting - free quilt patterns. Quilting supplies info. Quilting patterns!
Computer Crafting
Craft with your computer, craft supplies and patterns on the computer
Rubber Stamps
Rubber stamps - fun rubber stamping, custom rubber stamps and more stampin'
Crochet and Knitting
Free crochet patterns and free knitting patterns
Scrapbooking supplies, scrapbook ideas and scrapbooking layouts
Drawing and Painting
Pencil drawing and tole painting patterns
Sewing machine crafts and free sewing patterns. Learn to sew.
Doll making - Barbie doll clothes, cloth doll patterns, American Girl dolls info, porcelain dolls, too!
Wedding Crafts
Wedding invitation info, wedding favors, wedding flowers, bridal veils and more wedding crafts
Floral design, dried flowers and silk flowers! Craft with flowers for weddings, too!
Wood working plans, wood furniture, wood working patterns
Garden design, water gardens, flower garden