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JHB Drift Fusion

28 October 2006,

a day that will be remembered by many as the day fantasy met reality... The three tenors, Boulders Shopping Centre, Thorntons Customs and TALK Magazine, orchestrated an event unlike any other, sending chills down the spines of unsuspecting spectators. An event that could only be hailed as SMOKING! In fact so much rubber was burned, that the Fire Brigade thought that Boulders Shopping Centre was on fire.

The Fast and Furious JHB Drift Fusion, saw a gathering of motor vehicle specialists, all with one thing on their minds - Modified Cars. Each vehicle on the show was owner customised, from sound and paint jobs, to lowered suspensions and souped-up engines all in pristine condition.

Visitors could test their bravery by climbing into the Death Box - a small, claustrophobic wooden box, equipped with speakers pumping out 160dB of pure low frequency sound. While the frequencies are lower than what the human ear can pick up, the effect is visible on the body as the waves of sound pummel the body mercilessly. 10 seconds was enough for me. I was told afterwards that 30 seconds of this torture would burst my ear-drums and put me in hospital - not called the Death Box for nothing.

Tucked away in the shadows, its silhouette highlighted by the giant strobes, roaring for attention as it made its way to the centre of the parking lot was Carl Thornton in his black MK1 Golf, provoking a challenger to a duel nose-to -nose burnout. To his surprise there was another beast that was just as aggressive and arrogant as he was. Welcoming the challenge was a maroon Hyundai Elantra, driven by JC Levin. A head-on standoff ensued, until JC’s Golf had an unfortunate blowout.

Visitors were treated to some awesome displays, as the burnout session had people cheering and stomping their feet.

Watching Bruno (Above) drifting his Nissan 200SX/S13 around the pillars of the car park with hair-splitting accuracy, was thrilling and definitely something that should not be tried at home.

The thrilling drifting session (in true Tokyo Drift style) was jaw-dropping and not for the faint of heart.

The Show and Shine, along with the Sound Off competition were the cherries on top, and you will be glad to know that about 30% of cars on display were from Midrand. So if you were wondering how come you haven’t seen them around, then that may be a sure indication that you need to get out more often! This was an experience the night-life our awsome city has to offer, and if you did not make it to the show, don’t despair WATCH THIS SPACE.

TALK Magazine would like to take this oppertunity to extend thanks to the Boulders Shopping Centre for their initiative in making this day a success.