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Mamma Mia:
It's a Midrand Superstar!

Dreams are meant to be followed (at least that’s what the song says) and in Mia Thomas’s case that’s exactly what she did. She followed her dream to become one of South Africa’s top singing sensations.

Midrand is Mia’s childhood home. Having grown up on a Carlswald plot and being schooled at Halfway House Primary and Midrand High School, Mia has seen Midrand change from country bushveld region to bustling business centre and sought after residential Mecca. As a young girl, age 7, her mom suggested taking singing lessons-“since I was always singing wherever I went.” That was the start of a fifteen year relationship with voice trainer Kylie Adcock (also a Midrand resident). Midrand has also been home in more ways than one. As fame began to take hold, Mia has had numerous performances in Midrand including performing at Boulders and for Round Table. And you would often see her cruising around in her Lindsay Saker sponsored POLO or her Nissan Micra “Mia Mobile”

“Midrand has always been good to me and I love coming back here after a stint of touring. I can hardly imagine living anywhere else in the country.”

The last seven years have been quite a ride for Mia. Seven radio singles without an album release and all of them have been getting solid radio play. Show Me I’ll Show You has topped the charts on several stations. It’s clear that the audiences are liking the music, so- big question- When is that album coming out?

“I’m currently putting the finishing touches to it-should be out by February, so the long wait is finally over.” That’s good news for the fans, of which there are many. Tours to Cape Town and Durban have been warmly received and even a trip to the Kalahari Kuierfees (not bad for an English artist). Oh and she’s a hot favorite on the corporate scene.

No stranger to fame- At 25 she has performed alongside seasoned South African artists including Harry Sideropoulous and a charity event for the Nelson Mandela’s Children Fund saw her share a stage with Bono (from U2 fame), as well as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, in Barcelona.

So will fame draw her overseas to the big time? “Never,” says Mia “What’s the point of doing what you love without the people that you love? South Africa is home and there aren’t people like ours anywhere else in the world.”

And the homeliness shines through. Mia loves her family. Her ideal holiday is still spending time at the family beach house near Port Alfred. “My mom’s family is extensive and there is always a crowd over for the Christmas holidays- nothing beats that.”

She also loves scrap-booking and making beads and the godchild is a diversion from the stresses of the limelight. “Oh and don’t forget Cody.” Cody is Mia’s precious dog. With a personality that is more human than dog he refuses to be left out of the action.

So back to the music- What can we expect from the new album? Mostly self-penned songs in a country pop style with a couple of songs co-written with her producer, Kreesan from Spitfire Records. “Recording has been a stretching process and given me time to explore the potential of my voice.”

Now since Christmas is just around the corner, what is it that Mia would like in her Christmas stocking? “Well I really just want to be with my family and friends- you know- spending time with my loved ones.”

“Come on, Mia. Surely there is something you would like?” “Well a Rav 4- 3 door would be nice.”

TALKmag would like to wish Mia all the best on her upcoming album release. We will be hearing a lot more from this dynamic, versatile young artist and another Midrand ambassador.