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Enquiries and Orders

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Chicken & Ribs Platter
Cocktail Dip Platter
Italian Special Platter
Cocktail Snack Platter
Sandwich Platter
Cheese 'n Beef Bites Platter
Cheese Supreme Platter
Viennese Cocktail Platter
Country Veg Platter
Poultry, Ham & Beef Platter
Sausage Heaven Platter
Cheese Supreme Platter
Vegetarian Quiche Platter
f'lunch BBQ Chicken Platter
Mixed Platter
Savoury Platter
Mini Fruit Platter
Fruit Platter
Hot Fish with Sour Cream Lunch
Lasagne (Beef or Vegetarian) Lunch
Chicken Supreme with Mushrooms Lunch
Beef Stroganoff Lunch
Italian Baked Fish Lunch
Hungarian Goulash Lunch