Welcome to SA Comic Universe!

The aim here is for people from around South Africa to submit characters, and character profiles, thus creating a pool of SA Comic Universe Characters. From here other artists and writers can use YOUR characters (With your consent on the context it is used in), and give YOU credit for it once their work is published, be it on line or hard copies.

The reason for this is so that we can establish a DC Universe/Marvel Universe Astro City like feel, where the characters from different comics refer to or meet up with the same characters. So in essence we are trying to establish our own continuity, and build a foundation for a nice action packed universe!!! So check out the example on this page, and submit your own work with the same profile details etc. Send submissions to DrDeath@comicrwrx.com!

If you want to use any of the characters, be sure to inform the creator, and just make sure he/she approve of the context the character is used in!!!

Character: Submitted By:
Triller Neville Howard
Warhead Christo Van Wyk
The Origin Of Witbltiz Moray Rhoda