Comicworx presents South Africa's second (and biggest ever) official COMIC JAM competition!!

Comic Jam involves getting together 30 of South Africa's top and also most promising Comic artists, and force them to work together for the greater good of the final product! First, the group of 30 artists is divided into three l teams of 10 people each.

A script (10 Pages) chosen by forum members of Comicworx, will be handed to each artist, and 1page will be allocated to each artist to be penciled, inked and lettered (Pages will be randomly allocated to artists). Upon completion, the work will be uploaded on WWW.COMICWRX.COM for all to see (Target date for uploads are the 5th of April).

Ok following the quick summary of the rules, the teams will follow, you're welcome to change your name if you wanna, each team has a coordinator, and he/she needs to keep the teams together, I'll give each coordinator the contact details of his/her team members so that it can run as smooth as possible!

1. ANYTHING GOES, as long as it's A3 in format (For printing purposes)
2. Digital Color/B-W up to each artist, but I suggest that you coordinate with your team so that the overall work looks the same.
3. Nobody but the allocated person is allowed to work on the page!
4. Pages must be posted on the site on April 4th.
5. ONLY SPONSORS will be allowed to vote. Vote rating will be out of 6 for each page.
6. Sponsors votes will be made public on request.
7. Sponsors will not know which artist they're voting for.
8. Original art will be displayed over easter weekend where voting will take place.
9. COMICWORX CHOICE: This will consist of ALL FORUMER votes. If you're registered on the forum you can vote on this one.
10. ONLY Forumers registered up to March 31st will be eligible to vote.
11. Prizes are not refundable for cash/weed.
12. Artists participating in Sequential page competition, will also be allowed to participate in the Cover page comp.
13. Winners will be announced on the site on Sunday April 8th.
14. Comicworx reserves the right to disqualify participants if they are thought to be in breach of the rules.
15. In the event of a Comicworx anthology being published the top 10 pages and cover must be made available in high resolution for publication purposes.
16. You can alter your page to accomodate your own interpretation/dynamics but not deviate from the script!
17. No page swapping allowed