Comicworx presents South Africa's first (and biggest ever) official COMIC JAM competition!!

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The Teams Are:

Jae Su (Jo'burg) (Page 3)
Donne Malan (Pta) (Page 5)
Rupert Greyling (Pta) (Page 6)
Neville Howard (Pta) (Page 4)
Tim Le Roux (Jo'burg) (Page 8)
Sean Izaakse(Jo'burg) (Page 2)
Jason Masters (Jo'burg) (Page 7)
Anton Brand(Jo'Burg)
(Page 1)

(Co-Ordinator) Neville Howard :

Team Gauteng Characters

Cape Town
Vincent Sammy(CT) (Page 3)
Dan Riding,(CT) (Page 4)
Brice Reignier(CT) (Page 6)
Arthur Brigg(CT) (Page 5)
Nicolas Rix (CT) (Page 2)
Rowena Williams(CT) (Page 8)
Andrew Cramer(CT) (Page 7)
David Blaine(CT)
(Page 1)

(Co-Ordinator) Moray Rhoda :

Team Cape Town Characters

Team Nomads
Jesca Leibbrandt (Cape Town) (page 3)
Justin Render (Jo'burg) (page 5)
Clinton Subramoney (Durban) (page 6)
Renette Herbst (Pretoria) (page 4)
Gretchen Schoeman (Pretoria) (page 8)
Andre Hammann (Pretoria) (page 2)
Jaco Meintjies (Pretoria)
(page 7)
Johan De Swart (Pretoria) (page 1)

(Co-Ordinator) Christo Van Wyk : or

Team Nomad Characters

Bhekani Thwala(Jo'burg Reserve)
Moray Rhoda (CT Reserve)
Spencer Whittle (Jo'burg Reserve)
Eli Jansen v Vuuren (Nomad Reserve - Vereeniging)
Zedekiel (Nomad Reserve - Durban)



African Skies - ISSUE #1

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