Wonderboom Airport


Wonderboom airport is our base.  Situated just North of Pretoria, the airport is under the Johannesburg Terminal Area.  Wonderboom is an Aerodrome Control Area that provide a Tower with VFR & IFR services.  Fire & Rescue, Fuel, maintenance and Hotel & restaurant is also available on the premises.

There are 4 runways the primary runways  29/11 which are 1800 m long X 30 m wide with hard asphalt surface and runway lighting and PAPI approach assistance.  The secondary runways 06/24 are 1220 m X 22 m also a hard asphalt surface.

The airport is the ideal training environment.  Being controlled airspace it provide the student ample practice in procedures for controlled airports.  The other fact is that the general flying area's is located directly at the border of the airport's control area. Average flight time to the training area is less than 5 minutes.  More time is spent practicing than traveling.

The close proximity to the two major international airports of Gauteng (Johannesburg International and Lanseria) means that the student has ample time to get used to the environment of the busiest airspace in South Africa.

The vital information on our airport:

Elevation :    4090 feet amsl

Circuit alt :    5100 feet amsl

Tower & Approach frequency :    120,6 mhz

Radio Aids :   3 NDB's    MC(357 khz), WB(257 khz), WR (230 khz)

Runways    :        29/11 (1800mX30m) - RH circuit for 29
                            06/24 (1220X22m) - RH circuit for 24

Transition Alt :    7000 feet

Transition level :    FL080 - under control of 
                                 FAJS RADAR freq 123,7 mhz  05:00Z-17:00Z 
                                 or freq 124,5 mhz 17:00z-05:00Z

ATC Telephone no : (012)543-1402

Reporting points: North - East/West abeam the Rooiwal Powerstation
East - North/South abeam Mamelodi/Cullinan dam area.
South - Crossing the Magaliesberg ridge.
West - North or South abeam Roslyn.